Build Credibility. Enhance Your Brand. Gain Trust.

Have you ever hired a PR firm, but didn’t receive the media exposure you were promised after spending thousands?

We’re different. We help our clients to build credibility, enhance their brand and instantly gain trust and recognition through the strategic media branding services that we’re now able to offer by leveraging our broad contacts and strategic partnerships – to guarantee results to our clients.

Unlike traditional PR firms, we’re able to craft and distribute a strategic story highlighting you or your business which we will then syndicate through our networks to reach hundreds of placements across search engines like Google, as well as newspapers and television digital media outlets spanning affiliate sites across the CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox networks.

Once we’ve run your story, you’ll be able to use logos like these on your website, social media channels and email marketing – and be recognized as an authority in your industry and market! 

We have access to a huge network of 250+ news and media outlets.

We guarantee real placements on affiliate websites nationwide for 

ALL 4 major TV networks in just one week! 

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Who Is It For?

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Corporate Professionals
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How does it work?

We'll Conduct an Interview With You

An experienced member of our content strategy team will schedule a convenient time to interview you by phone to help us better understand your unique story so we can craft a compelling piece. 

We Craft Your Story to be Media Ready

Within 3 to 4 business days following your phone interview, you’ll be provided with a draft of your story for review. Once approved, we’ll package it up and send it out digitally to our sources.

Get Results in Just One Week

Within one week from the date we submit your article, we’ll provide you with a detailed report showing you exactly where it was placed, and the exposure you’ve gained as a result. 

We guarantee your story will be picked up by affiliate websites nationwide from all 4 major TV networks.

Once you have your report in hand, which will include links to all your placements which you can share directly with your network – you will be free to use any of their logos on your own branding and marketing materials. Forever.

That includes your profile photos, business or personal website(s), social media pages, email marketing campaigns, and more…

Get quoted on ABC, CBS, NBC & Fox affiliate sites across the country. Guaranteed.

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