Why You Need A Facebook Business Manager Account… Now


Facebook advertising. It’s the place to be when it comes to choosing where to spend your advertising dollars. Never before in human history – literally, and without exaggeration – has there been a platform where you can connect with exactly the right people at exactly the right time. The Facebook for Business Ad Platform has tools that are so powerful you might think the NSA helped design them.

Using their targeting options it’s possible to narrow in on the people who most likely to buy your product or service and put your business and your offers directly in front of them, in a way that makes it easy and natural for them to engage and connect.

But before you can do that you need to have an advertising account with Facebook. And if you’re a business, realtor or practicing professional that means setting up a Facebook Business Manager Account.

Let’s explore why this is an absolute must-have for anyone serious about growing their revenue and increasing their client base by advertising on Facebook for lead generation.


A Brief History of Facebook Advertising

Not too long ago Facebook Advertiser accounts were, by default and exclusively, associated with your personal Facebook profile and account, meaning that your business was forever and permanently inextricably tied to your personal Facebook profile.

facebook-timeline-76533_640That might not sound like a big deal, but it made for a lot of complications. Inviting someone to work on your account (like a marketing agency) would often mean having to provide them with your personal logins – which nobody really likes to do.

Even worse, it meant that if you ever wanted to sell your business, and planned to include the associated Facebook advertising account along with it (which one would rightfully expect when purchasing a business from an owner), you would really be losing your entire personal Facebook account. And that’s crazy!

And if you were an employee of a business and set up the company’s advertising account in the course of your duties, and then moved on to a new company and new role, the business you worked for would either have to force you to relinquish control of your personal Facebook account, or lose access to all their advertising history.

It wasn’t pretty.

Facebook Business Manager Accounts: A New Hope

Thankfully Facebook finally responded and created a separate Business Manager Account system so that business owners and advertisers could separate their Facebook for Business advertising account(s) from their own personal Facebook profiles.

This was great news for all involved.

It meant that you could associate multiple email logins with a business account and only give out the credentials needed for someone to work with you on your business without compromising the security of your personal Facebook account.

It also means that should you ever sell your business in the future you can very easily transfer accounts to a new owner without losing access to your personal memories, friend lists, and photos.

But Wait, There’s More

Facebook Business Manager accounts bring with them other essential benefits that were previously lacking.

Your Business Manager account acts as an “umbrella account”, providing a single dashboard to administer your entire business or professional presence on Facebook. All the pages associated with your business, your advertiser accounts, tracking pixels, Instagram accounts and any other digital asset that is being used to market or promote your business on Facebook can now be managed and accessed in one convenient place.

[Jargon Alert] “Tracking Pixels” are small pieces of code that you copy and paste into the pages of your website so that Facebook (and other marketing platforms that provide similar pieces of code) can track, log and tally the actions of visitors on your website, providing, among other things, valuable insights into which marketing efforts are working and which are not.

Control and Access is Just a Click Away

Because everything is centralized and controlled from a single place, granting access to your employees to manage your social media pages, or bringing on a new marketing partner or agency (like Oscar Diggs Digital) is now a seamless and easy process that leaves you in full control of your social presence.

clickYou can even control exactly what level of access an employee or agency has to your business assets. Do you just need an audit conducted? Done. Are you looking for someone to have full advertising privileges, but don’t want to release access to your billing details? No problem. It’s handled securely and easily from within your Business Manager Account.

The bottom line is that you’re serious about scaling and growing your business in a consistent and reliable way, you absolutely need a Facebook Business Manager Account… now.

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